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Improving and Retaining Spiritual Values and Resiliency in the Law Enforcement Community

For more information on this study, please reach out by email here or contact Michael Baldwin, Sr. 

Latest Books and book chapters

  • Charles, G. and Smith, J.A. 2021 Reader - Global Voices for Change: Policing for the Common Good.  Available at
  • Smith, J.A. and Charles, G. 2019 Spirituality in Policing. In Zsolnai, L. and Flanagan, B. (ed) The Routledge International Handbook of Spirituality and Society. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis.  Due to be published in February 2019.
  •  Smith, J. A. and Martin, J. 2019 Changing the way we engage an ageing workforce. Chapter in Keeble-Ramsay, D. and Armitage, A. (Ed) Positive Ageing and Human Resource Development.  Abingdon: Taylor & Francis.
Modesto Police Pilot Study

June-July 2021

We are currently involved in a pilot study at Modesto Police Department, bringing police and community together to heal and build relationships. Mr. Michael Baldwin, Sr. is leading the program based off Dr. Charles' book, Police Pursuit of the Common Good: Reforming and Restoring Police Community (2016).

The program involves bringing in police officers to help them heal the trauma incurred in their work. After several sessions, community members are brought in to help them heal their trauma. What has occurred in a beautiful tapestry of relationship building, where each has a say and offers support to the other members of the group.