Improving and Retaining Spiritual Values and Resiliency in the Law Enforcement Community

We have finally published our last research involving EEG and Spiritual measures in police officers! This is an exciting publication as it opens the door to further exploration in brain integration in police officers who are spiritually grounded and the effects on wellbeing, cognitive processes, and resiliency. Many thanks to the Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion. 

To access our article in the Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion please use button below. Here is part of our abstract:

This paper reports findings from two studies that explore the role of a spiritual framework in buffering toxic experiences police officers encounter in the course of their duty. The first study was an interview of 33 police officers who were active in their law enforcement career. The officers responded to eight core questions about their police work, spiritual history, and spiritual beliefs. Three themes emerged from the content analysis. The second study was a quantitative investigation of psychological performance using Electroencephalography measures. These officers, who were identified with high levels of spirituality in the interview study, had low levels of perceived stress, high levels on the Transcendence dimension, fast executive processing, and high levels of brain integration. These studies suggest that levels of spirituality are grounded in mental and brain functioning, and so could be systematically cultured to help officers deal effectively with the toxic nature of police work.  

Police Pursuit of the Common Good: Reforming & Restoring Police Community​ (March 2016).

​Here is an overview of this new publication:

Dr. Charles concludes with potential solutions to reform and restore the police culture, as well as heal the divide between our communities and the police. In the book, she explores the behaviors in the police culture from a social psychological perspective, illustrating the importance of understanding police behaviors in order to change the culture of conflict.