Improving and Retaining Spiritual Values and Resiliency in the Law Enforcement Community

Ginger Charles, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Research Psychologist, Consultant,

Police Sergeant (ret.)

Ginger Charles, Ph.D. is a retired police sergeant, having served 27 years as a police officer in Colorado. Her experience in the police culture gives her a unique, boots on the ground, approach in the law enforcement world. Ginger has served in patrol, administration, and investigations.

In 2005, Dr. Charles received her doctorate from Saybrook University in Health Psychology, focusing on Health Risk Factors in the police community, specifically in the area of health and spirituality. Ginger recently retired in 2013 after living in the "petri dish" and relocated to Northern California to continue research, writing, and consultancy in the law enforcement culture.

Dr. Charles is currently the chair/faculty of the Criminal Justice program at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz area of California. She is active engaged in research, action programs for police officers, and teaching young students about the criminal justice system.

Dr. Ginger Charles